Perfect lunch /afternoon snack … Avo and cheese on Mojo rosemary seed crackers. So tasty, and would work for lunch boxes too – just place a cracker on top to make a sandwich.

Cracker snack!

This is a great mid-morning or mid-afternoon “snack” that’s healthy – and tasty. My kids have these often – and there’s always a call for “more”. You can substitute the cocoa and xylitol for alternative tastes if you prefer (my son is on a health shake, so I use this in the kid’s mixture instead). 1 cup coconut milk half a banana 2 tablespoons nut butter (almond or macademia) 2 teaspoons xylitol (can leave out if you prefer cos banana and nut butter are quite sweet) 1 tablespoon cocoa Put in the blender (add ice if you want it cold) until nice […]

Smoothie “snack”

Fruit is so not on the banting list … But sometimes a clutch of apples just makes for”food porn” … Just beautiful to look at (just washed in apple cider vinegar and water) … and an occasional one in the kids lunchbox is a lovely treat.

Fruit …

Organic meat (try Frankie Fenner), plus salt, pepper, coriander and vinegar … And after about 2 days in our mellerware biltong maker … voila! Fab for lunch boxes and snacks.

Homemade organic biltong