When I need a green salad – and in a hurry (usual lunchtimes!), this is a quick one to whip up.   Baby butter lettuce About 6 chopped green beans Half a log of peppered cream cheese 5 mushrooms, sliced quickly over the salad An avo – sliced and popped on top of the salad.   Dress with olive oil or avocado oil, salt and pepper.  

Goat cheese, mushroom and avo salad

I’m always challenged to find something that is nutritious, delicious and edible for the whole family (ranging across four decades!). This is definitely one that ticks all the boxes – and leftovers can be eaten the next day too! Fry up half a pack of bacon and half a sliced onion Add 2 sticks of chopped celery (leaves off) Add half a teaspoon of tumeric and a dash of nutmeg, fry for a minute (good for the immune system)   Pop in the following veggies: 1 packet pre-cut pumpkin 1 peeled and sliced sweet potato 1 head of cauliflower   […]

Bacon and cauliflower soup

  Fry up some free range mince over medium heat, with carrots, zucchini and a can of tomatoes. Add a teaspoon of origanum, and a teaspoon of mixed herbs. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Make these utterly delicious pancakes – easy recipe here (just leave out the xylitol). Lay out each pancake, one at a time, and place a thin line of the mouthful of mince mixture along the middle. Fold the pancake over and place in a baking tray. Line several pancakes up next to one another. Top with cheese and pop into the oven for 8 – 10 minutes […]

Mouthful of mince pancakes

3 x eggs 3 rashers bacon (fried/grilled) 3 baby leeks (fried/grilled) 1 cup cream grated cheese to taste (I use about 2 cups) Lay bacon and leeks down in a pie dish and top with most of the cheese (leave a handful for toppings). Whisk up the eggs, add the cream and pour this mixture over the ingredients in the pie dish. Season with paprika and pepper. Scatter remaining cheese over the top and pop into the oven for about 15 mins. Yum yum … my son thinks it tastes like pizza!

Frittata – some call it pizza :)